‘Homes don’t always begin with a style, but should end with one.’

As the world outside grows ever more demanding, people will continue to turn homeward for peace and restoration. Today’s new home provides a modern and efficient environment where you can once again learn to live, relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Our philosophy is very simply ‘Listen to our clients and ask questions’. What is their lifestyle? How do they live and entertain? Do they have kids, plan on having kids, expect grandkids? Find out what are a few of the most important items they want or need, and, get them perfect. Our designs are client inspired.

Although we create homes of many styles & shapes, a homes budget, large or modest, is no excuse for poor design. SDA prides itself and has built its reputation on efficient design and maximizing use of space and materials.

We realize we design homes for people and families, and feel very honored to have the privilege to do so.